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Virtual Private Servers

A Dedicated hosting environment for performance and power

Our Virtual Private Servers are high performance packages and are fully managed leaving you free to concentrate on the core of your business instead of worrying about server administration. They contain everything you need to manage your websites and/or your customers websites.
You have full access to WHM (Web Host Manager) allowing you to add hosting packages and websites, under WHM each website can then be controlled and managed from it’s own cPanel control panel. Our VPS are ideal for designers and developers who need to run many sites and are also great for resellers who wish to sell web hosting. All our VPS come with a WHM/cPanel license.


£52.00 per month

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£66.00 per month

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£80.00 per month

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Main VPS features

Disk Space

Monthly Bandwidth

Dedicated Memory

Swap Memory

CPU (all VPS are 12 Cores)

IP Addresses

30 GB

250 GB

1.5 GB


50 GB

350 GB

2 GB


70 GB

450 GB

2.5 GB


Hardware RAID 10 Storage

cPanel/WHM License

Linux Server (CentOS)

Fully Managed

Firewall Security

Daily Backups

No Minimum Contract


Cost per Month (excl. VAT)




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3 GB

4 GB

5 GB

1 x Priority

1.5 x Priority

2 x Priority

VPS Technology




Mailfoundry/SPAM virus protection (50 Domains)

Installatron (yearly fee)







VPS Features, the low down

> Disk Space - Your VPS is supplied with ample RAID 10 protected disk space allowing your websites to grow.

> Monthly Bandwidth - We give you plenty of premium UK bandwidth, this allows your sites to load quickly with low latency.

> Dedicated Memory - A large amount of physical memory is a key factor in making your server perform well, even our VPS-1 comes with 1.5GB of RAM, this helps keep your processes out of slower Swap Memory.

> Swap Memory - Swap Memory is like a reserved section on a hard disk, it’s used when dedicated memory becomes full, as it’s on the disk it’s much slower so it’s preferable not to have to use it, but it’s always there just in case your websites get very high traffic.

> CPU - Our VPS nodes are high performance web servers with 2 x 6 core Intel CPU's, each cPanel VPS will have assigned CPU on a priority setting based on the chosen plan, the higher the plan the greater the CPU priority.

> IP Addresses - 2 IP addresses are assigned per VPS, these are used to create your Host Name Records.

> Xen - Fast and Powerful, we use Xen Technology to create our Virtual Private Servers. All fully managed 24/7.

> Raid 10 - We use Hardware RAID 10 on all our VPS products to provide maximum performance and redundancy.

> cPanel/WHM - We install and configure cPanel/WHM on all our VPS to give you complete flexibility and control over your sites. A cPanel license is £10 per month, this is included in your monthly charge.

> CentOS - All our VPS run on CentOS giving you maximum stability, performance and reliability.

> Fully Managed - We take care of everything for you server side, updates, patches and maintenance, this gives you one less thing to worry about and allows you to simply manage your sites and customers without worrying about security and managing your VPS. There’s no extra charge for this, all updates for your OS and WHM/cPanel are taken care of, and if there’s a hardware issue we fix it!

> Firewall - We configure a software firewall on your cPanel VPS to keep it secure, we close off ports that are not in use and deploy security policies to keep hackers out. Again all updated and managed by us.

> Backup - We take a daily snap shot of your VPS so that we can restore it in the event of disaster recovery.