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Server Technology

World Class Hardware

In order to make your web site as reliable and stable as we can we use top quality hardware at all times, high performance Dell rack mounted enterprise grade web servers are used regardless of the plan you choose.

All equipment is monitored every minute of every day and should a problem occur a member of the support team can be contacted immediately to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Your web site and email are important to us, we use hardware RAID disk mirroring to provide data redundancy. In the event of a hard drive failure your data isn’t lost and your site remains online. Our servers are regularly patched with the latest updates as and when they become available.

A Sample of our Web Server Hardware Providers:

Typical Web Server Hardware

> Enterprise Grade Rackmounted Servers
> 2x Intel® Six Core Processors
> 32GB Memory
> Seagate Enterprise Edition SAS HDD's
> Hardware RAID 10
> 24/7 Server Monitoring
> Fully Burstable 100Mbit Connection
> APC Power & Remote Reboot Management
> KVM over IP Remote Management Console

Typical Web Server Software

> CloudLinux OS
> Apache
> Zend Optimizer
> Pear
> Perl
> cPanel & WHM Hosting Control Panels
> Installatron Script Installer